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Kore Health and Safety Mobile Dashboard 1 Kore Health and Safety Mobile Dashboard 2

  • Your staff on the ground will receive a link, and this is what they will be using. Here you can fill out toolbox talk form, meeting minute’s forms.
  • From Daily pre-start forms and accident and injury reports.Ensuring your staff are aware of all risks on site, hazardous products and also be able to view task analysis and swims forms.
  • All information that your staff fill out in forms are sent in real time to the admin management panel. Injury and accident report forms are crucial to a manager as they need to know what has happened and how it can be controlled so another incident of the same nature can be prevented.
  • Filling out one of these forms is as easy as filling in any other form on our system; you just click on the file and go through it on your mobile.
  • After it has been filled out and saved it will automatically send allowing the admin team to view it on their management pane These injury report forms, like all the other forms on our system are saved into the database.
  • This way these forms can never be lost and there will always be a working record. This allows companies to send copies of these forms to anyone, most importantly ACC.

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Kore Health and Safety Mobile Dashboard 3 Kore Health and Safety Mobile Dashboard 4

  • Here is our meeting minutes form that your staff will pull up and fill out on their mobile before the start of that day. Our forms are simple and all up to date with Health and safety regulations here in New Zealand.
  • Forms can also be signed when needed, this allows valuable information to be sent straight away without the hassle of paperwork, and these forms can never be lost.
  • Meeting Minutes forms are very important as they keep your management team up to date on a daily basis.This information can be saved and archived in PDF just in case it needs to be viewed again.
  • Your management team can also edit the form when necessary. If information has been forgotten you have the ability to input data All forms through Kore Health and safety can be saved in a Portable Document File (PDF)
  • All forms necessary to have on any job site are on your mobile phone Your management team can add and edit forms where necessary according to the job, as not all jobs are the same.

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