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Health and Safety Work Act (HSWA) Compliance

The New Zealand records one of the highest work casualties in the construction industry. With upwards of 50 people dying from workplace accidents yearly (on the average), work conditions are not as great as they should be. This is not to mention the hundreds of ill health issues that might lead to serious damage or even, death, as a result of workplace injuries. That is not to be.

In fact, we believe everyone who left for work deserves to go back home to their families in good health. That is one of the reasons why the new Health and Safety Work Act (HSWA) has been put into place. According to the HSWA, each member of the workforce knows what to do, what rules to follow and how best to present themselves at work so that they don’t get into dangerous situations.

The provisions of this act are more than just requiring compliance. It is one that requires you setting up the acts in your mind as a way of life. We don’t see HSWA installation as just being good for your business. We see it as being good for those that work for you too. Overall, we see it as being good for their families and their general wellbeing. Frankly speaking, it goes beyond professional courtesy – it is just the moral thing to do.

How it  Works?


What You Get

With the KoreHS solution, we ensure:

- Proper assessment of risks and possible accidents in the work area to help workers avoid them better

- Working in a more controlled environment with access to adequate facilities

- Training of first aid officers to have sufficient information and support

- Training of first aid officers to have sufficient information and support

- Proper monitoring and empowerment to stop work when it is deemed unsafe and

- Granting of relevant PPEs to personnel working in various divs of the construction platform

What You Should Do

Even though the HSWA and KoreHS platform will give you all the support you need, the first step of safety starts with you.
This should be more of a lifestyle for you than just following a set of rules. Thus, you should:

- Take measures that would lead to reasonable care of your own health and safety

- Make sure your actions cause no harm to yourself or others around you

- Comply with reasonable policies and rules geared towards general health and safety

- Tell someone at the workplace, especially a health and safety officer, whenever you have a health-related issue or concern

- Look out for your partners and co-workers to ensure they are complying with safety practices and

- Refuse to work under unsafe conditions till your safety, and that of your team is guaranteed.


Safety First!

This is not just a mantra, but a way of life. It is especially true when you work in the construction industry.

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