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Like the rest of our health and safety app.

  • Our management panel for admin is extremely easy to use and navigate.
  • Here the admin is able to view all incoming information and forms that are being filled out by staff.
  • The management team can manage subscription plans, staff and contacts and also input forms into the system so staff can view them and read them as necessary.
  • The admin can send out links to the staff for them to be able to download the link for our mobile view giving everyone health and safety at their fingertips.
  • This is the quickest and easiest form of health and safety to date.
  • The admin has all the power in the world to make sure their staff are well-informed and filling out all the necessary forms for health and safety. Bringing people home

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  • Kore Health and Safety management panel can be used anywhere anytime, whether it be from your office, while you're on the road or even from home.
  • This gives control over your staff and ability to view all incoming information from wherever you are.
  • Kore Health and Safety management panel is easy to navigate and to be able to sort out your staff and keep saved files or filled out forms.
  • Giving you working records that is all in one place, so you can never lose any forms.
  • At Kore Health and Safety Management, we make sure to have a good control over your staff.
  • Also, we have an amazing database that connects with you and gets all the information needed.
  • The admin is very powerful and informs that the staff on the importance of filling the necessary information.

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